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  • Thanks for my order, i am really pleased, my son has Hypermobility, and the NHS have been supplying him with insoles that last about 4 weeks, they fall apart as he is so active and i was finding it hard work having to reorder them and taking him...

    Sarah Clayton

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Heat mouldable modular orthotic kit for customised patient fit



The Problem

Whichever foot type is encountered during a clinical situation, many will demonstrate significant alterations in how pressure is distributed across the sole of the foot. In addition, the medial arch height will vary with the demands of pronation and may reach a point which is difficult to address without direct support. If pressure is unevenly spread across the lesser metatarsals, functional overloading of the MTP joints may result in lesser ray deformity and loss of function. Underlying biomechanical changes will exacerbate these changes if left uncorrected.



The Concept

Many foot pathologies require orthotic solutions that demand specific placement of prescription modifications. This may occur whatever the morphological foot type and furthermore practitioners may prefer to adjust the shaping of the orthotic shell. Whenever this is undertaken, it is important to use an orthotic model, which is designed to meet these specific requirements and offers choice with regard to the placement and extent of postural foot control.


The Solution

The Talar Made Elevate orthotic offers practitioners the opportunity to control foot posture and specifically modify the pressure distribution under the foot by means of anatomical contouring and supportive padding. It is designed to follow the natural anatomical features of the foot to aid stability and also act as a vehicle for the addition of forefoot and arch pads to be fixed to the top-side of the orthotic to provide extra stability and strength to failing structures. The postural control of the foot can be increased by selecting a heel elevator or medial post, either of which can be fixed to the underside of the orthotic. In this way a fully customisable orthotic prescription can be provided and an exceptional fit achieved.



The Talar Made Elevate design is available in ¾ Length or Full Length in the following densities of EVA.


 EVA Density  Rationale
 60 Shore A
 Higher control, heavier patients or high levels of impact
 45 Shore A
 Medium control with lower levels of activity or shock absorption required 
 Dual Medium with Soft top cover 
 45 Shore A / 20 Shore A
 Medium control with cushioning support




What is the Elevate orthotic made from?

Elevate is manufactured from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): The ¾ Length and Full Length models are available in three densities: medium (45 Shore A), firm (60 Shore A) and dual (45 Shore A shell with 20 Shore A top-cover).


Can Elevate be customised?

Elevate is heat mouldable to make modification easier. There is no top-cover to damage although care should be taken when heating the orthotic as the intrinsic contouring features of the device may be lost. Posts and heel elevators are all provided along with metatarsal and medial arch supports.


What wearing in period is required?

A wearing in period must always be allowed in order to give the patient time to get used to the orthotic. However, it is not unusual to notice an immediate beneficial effect. It is important to review each patient as the level of control may need to be changed during the course of their treatment.


How long will they last?

The length of time that an Elevate orthotic lasts will vary between patients and this depends upon a number of factors including patient weight and activity level. However, around 6-8 months is the average, the products life will be maximised if they are cared for properly.


Can Elevate be used in different shoes?

The Elevate orthotic has been designed to be used in a wide range of shoes, however, in tighter fitting footwear it may be more appropriate to use the ¾ Length model to allow for more natural movement of the toes within the shoe and avoid skin pressure points.


Can they be cleaned?

Elevate orthotics should be cleaned regularly in order to prolong the product life expectancy. The best way to clean the devices is to gently sponge them with warm, soapy water and dry with a paper towel. Do not soak the product for long periods of time or dry artificially.


What should be done if the pain continues?

In resistant cases it may take some time for patients to derive the full benefit from a foot orthotic. If, after an initial period of 4 weeks, symptoms continue it may be necessary to review the level of control and change the posting angles. It is recommended that posting values should start low and gradually be increased if required. Patients should be advised that if their symptoms deteriorate they should return to discuss the problem with their original prescriber.


What sizes are Elevate available in?

The Talar Made Elevate design is available in ¾ Length or Full Length in the following sizes.


  Kids X Small Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
 UK 3 3½ – 4½ 5 – 6½ 7 – 8 8½ – 9½ 10 – 11 12 – 14
 EURO 35 36 – 37 38 – 40 40½ – 42 42½ – 44 44½ – 46½ 47 – 50