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Chloraprep Applicators

Chloraprep Applicators

  • Various products available. 

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Chloraprep Applicator 1.5Ml Sol 3Ml X100
Chloraprep Applicator Frepp 1.5Ml (20)
*Chloraprep 10.5Ml Frepp Appl 270700 X25
*Chloraprep With Tint 10.5Ml 270715 X25
*Chloraprep 26Ml Frepo Appl 270800 X25
*Chloraprep With Tint 26Ml (25)
*Chloraprep 3Ml Clear Applicator 270400 X25

£14.20 (inc vat)

(£14.20 ex vat)

BD ChloraPrep™ with Sterile Solution applicator lets you easily apply our unique formulation for skin preparation.

Features include:

  • 6 sizes and 3 tints—The most comprehensive skin antiseptic portfolio.
  • Tailor your choice to the surface area and type of site – and to the color of our patient's skin tone.
  • Use Hi-Lite orange for lighter pigmented skin, Scrub Teal for darker pigmented skin, or clear when you want a colorless effect.
  • Proprietary one-step applicator design can help you standardize practice across care settings and reduce variability.
  • BD ChloraPrep™ skin preparation is the only skin prep that offers a wide range of coverage areas to fit your clinical needs and allows for cost-saving standardized skin prep across care settings.
  • The unmatched experience of nearly 4 billion applicators sold in 38 countries for over 18 years with the unparalleled evidence of 50+ clinical studies supporting efficacy and safety.
  • Latex-free.
  • Individually packaged. 

Available in:

  • Applicator 1.5ml
  • Applicator Frepp 1.5ml
  • 3ml Clear Applicator
  • 10.5ml Frepp
  • 26ml Frepp
  • With Tint 10.5ml
  • With Tint 26ml. 

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