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Hadewe Spray Unit Standard

Hadewe Spray Unit Standard

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£1,115.00 (inc vat)

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The Spray Basic unit is equipped with the fine Hadewe Vaporizing Spray technology, that allows working with spray liquids without alcohol additive (e.g. just with distilled water and our AquaHy concentrate). That protects the patient and especially the user in long hours of continuous work.

The speed shown in the digital display can be variably adjusted up to 40.000 rpm. There are a couple of important functions to increase this spray unit’s value for the user.

Features include:

  • The first is a rinsing function with which a strong stream of water is used to rinse off the remains of skin and nails.
  • The second is a drying function, where air is used to dry the spot of a recent treatment. Similarly, an automatic cleaning function is used to prevent blockage in the spray nozzle. Handpiece and spray can be switched on and off (separately or both) with an optional foot switch.
  • The Spray Basic is further equipped with the efficient hadewe power clamping mechanism. It also features 3 memory settings that allow you to pre-set and save 3 different preferred speed settings. 

Item specifics:

  • Dimensions: 28.2cm x 13.3cm x 19cm (w x h x d).
  • Speed: 6,000 to 40,000rpm.
  • Weight: 3.5kg.
  • Handpiece: Ø17-22mm, length: 143mm, weight: 145g.

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