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Terumo Hypodermic Needle

Terumo Hypodermic Needle 


  • Formally called 'Neolus'.
  • Agani Needle

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AN1838R1 Needle Hypodermic 18g x 38mm (1.5) x 100
AN1925R1 Needle Hypodermic 19g x 25mm (1)x 100
AN1938R1 Needle Hypodermic 19g x 38mm (1.5)x 100
AN1950R1 Needle Hypodermic 19g x 50mm (2)x 100
AN2025R1 Needle Hypodermic 20g x 25mm (1) x 100
AN2038R1 Needle Hypodermic 20g x 38mm (1.5) x 100
AN2116R1 Needle Hypodermic 21g x 16mm (5/8)x 100
AN2125R1 Needle Hypodermic 21g x 25mm (1) x 100
AN2138R1 Needle Hypodermic 21g x 38mm (1.5) x 100
AN2150R1 Needle Hypodermic 21g x 50mm (2)x 100
AN2232R1 Needle Hypodermic 22g x 30mm x 100
AN2238R1 Needle Hypodermic 22g x 38mm (1.5) x 100
AN2316R1 Needle Hypodermic 23g x 16mm (5/8) x 100
AN2325R1 Needle Hypodermic 23g x 25mm (1) x 100
AN2332R1 Needle Hypodermic 23g x 32mm (1.25) x 100
AN2516R1 Needle Hypodermic 25g x 16mm (5/8) x 100
AN2525R1 Needle Hypodermic 25g x 25mm (1)x 100
AN2613R1 Needle Hypodermic 26g x 12mm x 100
AN2719R1 Needle Hypodermic 27g x 20mm (0.7)x 100
AN3013 Needle Hypodermic 30g x 12.5mm (1/2) x100

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  • Smooth and easy puncture increasing patient comfort – precisely shaped needle point and perfect silicon coating
  • Suitable for all applications – wide range of products (18G – 30G)
  • Easy handling – ISO colour-coded needle hub and comprehensive information on the packaging
  • Easy recognition of flashback through semi-transparent needle hub
  • Easy injection with thin-walled needles
  • Reduced risk of vascular perforation with short bevels 
  • Formally called 'Neolus'.

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Terumo Hypodermic Needle

Terumo Hypodermic Needle

Terumo Hypodermic Needle 


  • Formally called 'Neolus'.
  • Agani Needle

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