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Hapla Modular Orthotic System

Hapla Modular Orthotic System

  • Insoles
  • Gel Heel Lift
  • Heel Wedge
  • Longitudinal Arch Support
  • Metatarsal pad

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Heel Wedge 3.2mm - Small (1 Pair)
Heel Wedge 6.4mm - Large (1 Pair)
Metatarsal Pad - Small (1 Pair)
Metatarsal Pad - Large (1 Pair)
Heel Lift 6.4mm - Large

£5.38 (inc vat)

(£5.38 ex vat)

Hapla Modular Orthotic System

Biomechanically engineered system of prefabricated gel components providing effective treatment for a variety of common disorders
Hapla Modular Orthotic System – Insole
• 3.2mm thick, one size insole that can be trimmed to fit
• Long lasting, microporous cellular structure for excellent shock absorption that will not bottom out
• Transmits moisture away from foot and contains an antibacterial; agent to suppress bacterial growth within the insole

Hapla Modular Orthotic System – Gel Heel Lift

• 3.2mm and 6.4mm thick gel heel lifts that come in small and large sizes
• Offers compensation for a short leg deformity and level hip alignment
• Can be combined to required thicknesses

Hapla Modular Orthotic System – Heel Wedge

• 3.2mm and 6.4mm thick gel heel lifts that come in small and large sizes
• Can be used either as varus (medial) or valgus (lateral) wedging
• Varus wedging helps reduce sub talar joint pronation (beyond the mid stance phase of gait) with lessening of medial longitudinal arch lowering
• Valgus wedging will cant the heel to reduce lateral instability

Hapla Modular Orthotic System – Longitudinal Arch Support

• Small and large sizes
• Offers support to the medial longitudinal arch and controls sub talar and mid tarsal joint pronation beyond the mid stance phase of gait
• Indicated in the management of plantar fasciitis, heel pain, anterior/posterior tibial shin splints, interdigital neuritis, muscle Tibialis Posterior tendon pain etc.

Hapla Modular Orthotic System – Metatarsal Pad

• Small and large sizes
• Used in the management of metatarsalgia, plantar keratomas, metatarsal head periostitis, capsulitis etc.

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