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  • Thanks for my order, i am really pleased, my son has Hypermobility, and the NHS have been supplying him with insoles that last about 4 weeks, they fall apart as he is so active and i was finding it hard work having to reorder them and taking him...

    Sarah Clayton

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Hapla Orthofit Insole (Without Metdome)

Hapla Orthofit Insole - Without Metdome

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Orthofit (Without Metdome) - Size - (Mens-2) (Womens-2)
Orthofit (Without Metdome) - Size - (Mens-3) (Womens 3 - 4)
Orthofit (Without Metdome) - Size - (Mens 4-5) (Womens- 5)
Orthofit (Without Metdome) - Size - (Mens-6) (Womens 6 - 7)
Orthofit (Without Metdome) - Size - (Mens 7 - 8) (Womens- 8)
Orthofit (Without Metdome) - Size - (Mens - 9) (Womens - 9)
Orthofit (Without Metdome) - Size - (Mens - 10)

£15.73 (inc vat)

(£15.73 ex vat)

Orthofit Orthotic:

A cost effective, high performance, semi-crystalline, thermoplastic polymer, prefabricated orthosis; fits into any shoe – particularly effective in low volume shoes with no pre-existing insole e.g. ‘city’ style heels and ‘Oxford’-style shoes; easily customised –  can be heat moulded to alter arch profile and readily accepts top cover e.g. polyurethane foam and postings to the shell with adhesive.

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