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Powerstep Pinnacle Full Length

Powerstep Pinnacle Full Length

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Code a (M 2-2.5) (W 3.5-4)
Code A (M 3-3.5) (W 4.5-5)
Code B (M 4-4.5) (W 5.5-6)
Code D (M 6-6.5) (W 7.5-8)
Code E (M 7-7.5) (W 8.5-9)
Code G (M 9-9.5) (W 10.5-11)
Code H (M 10-10.5) (W 11.5-12)

£21.52 (inc vat)

(£21.52 ex vat)

Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic:

is the insole for athletes, it is perfect for runners, hikers, cyclists and anyone with an active lifestyle. The comfy padding and antibacterial top fabric reduce slippage and heat, keeping feet drier, while safeguarding the heel during high impact landings; It eliminates excessive inward rolling of the foot and virtually removes pain or strain in the heel and arch, ankles, knees and even lower back; extra cushioning; flexible comfortable control; prescription-like support

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