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A revolutionary anti-pronation foot orthotic.

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A revolutionary anti-pronation foot orthotic

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The Problem

Patients with a low arch tend to pronate excessively and it becomes more difficult to restore a stable mid-foot before the heel lifts during walking and running. Even though pronation is a normal movement, if the foot remains in this position the midfoot (midtarsal joint) remains unstable. As the opposite foot swings forwards the arch collapses towards the inner side of the foot. This prevents the big toe joint from bending correctly (causing pain) and as a result the plantar fascia fails to support the arch, causing pain in the heels and arches of the feet. Pressure under the foot is unevenly spread and this gives rise to forefoot pain and hammer toe formation. As a result of continued pronation the legs remain twisted inwards and this causes stress to the supporting leg muscles. The knee position is also altered as the patella (kneecap) shifts position. Compression pain can also occurat the front inner edge of the knee.



The Concept

The foot possesses an amazing automatic support mechanism. However, the low arch, pronating foot tends to show a significant bulge at the talonavicular joint area and is simply unable to support itself as this system fails.As force reaches its peak on the ball of the foot the heel lifts, the arch collapses and all supporting muscles and ligaments become susceptible to injury.


The Solution

Prostep is designed to restore the natural position of the talus by supporting the inside edge of the heel and supports the spring ligament. This resists the valgus rotation of the rearfoot, which is associated with pronation. Prostep also features the Talar Made Integrated Posting System (IPS). This allows greater control of pronation. Posts of 0º, 3º and 5º are provided with each pair. Each pair is furnished with an anti-bacterial top cover.



How to decide which posts to use with Prostep

Rearfoot posts - As the arch rolls in during pronation, the heel (calcaneus) changes position and pressure falls on the inne (medial) side. Rearfoot posts are supplied to prevent this from happening. Choose 0º for mild control, 3º for moderate control and 5º for higher control. Forefoot posts - Many feet that pronate excessively have a tendency for the forefoot to sit in a position, which is tilted inward (varus) when compared to the rearfoot. The first MTP joint may be elevated. This encourages the inner (medial) border to roll down to the ground and cause further pronation. Forefoot posts are supplied to prevent this from happening. Choose 0º for mild control, 3º for moderate control and 5º for higher control.




What are Talar Made Prostep orthotics made from?

Prostep orthotics are manufactured from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). They are available in two densities medium (45 Shore A) and firm (60 shore A). The top cloth material is impregnated with an anti-bacterial agent to reduce foot odour.


Which density should I use for my patient?

When selecting a model for your patient you should consider the severity of the condition, patient weight and activity level. Patients with moderate impact problems, average body weight and low or intermediate levels of activity are likely to need the medium density model. For patients requiring higher levels of control or for heavier patients with higher levels of activity choose the firm density.


Can Prostep be customised?

Prostep orthotics can be modified using the 0°, 3° or 5° medial posts. Please remember it may be necessary to offer different levels of control for each foot.


What wearing in period is required?

A wearing in period must always be allowed for in order to give the patient time to get used to the orthotic, however, it is not unusual to notice an immediate beneficial effect. It is important to review each patient as the level of control may need to be changed during the course of their treatment



How long will they last

The length of time Prostep orthotics last will vary between patients and this depends upon a number of factors including patient weight and activity level. However, around 6-8 months is the average, the products life will be maximised if they are cared for properly.


Can Prostep be used in different shoes?

Yes, Prostep orthotics can be changed between shoes. Prostep are also suitable for use during athletic activities.


Can they be cleaned?

Prostep orthotics should be cleaned regularly in order to prolong the product life expectancy. The best way to clean the devices is to gently sponge them with warm, soapy water and dry with a paper towel. Do not soak the product for long periods of time or dry artificially.


What should be done if the pain continues?

In some cases it may take from 4-6 weeks to derive the full benefit from Prostep orthotics. If after this initial period symptoms continue it may be necessary to review the level of control by changing the posts. Patients should be advised that if their symptoms deteriorate they should attend at the earliest opportunity for reassessment.


Additional features

  • 1 Pair 0°, 3° and 5° Rearfoot Medial Posts
  • 1 Pair 0°, 3° and 5° Forefoot Medial Posts
  • The Talar Made Prostep design is available in ¾ Length or Full Length in the following densities of EVA.


EVA Density Rational

45 Shore A

Medium control with lower levels of activity or shock absorption required

60 Shore A

Higher control, heavier patients or high levels of impact


What sizes are Prostep available in?


  Kids Sml Kids Lge X Small Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
UK 13½ – 1½ 2 – 3 3½ – 4½ 5 – 6 6½ – 7½ 8 – 9 9½ – 10½ 11 – 12
EURO 32 – 33 34 – 35 36 – 37 38 – 39 40 – 41 42 – 43 44 – 45 46 – 47

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A revolutionary anti-pronation foot orthotic.

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