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Lukas Podo Abrasive Caps and Mandrels

Orange Lukas-podological Abrasive Caps and Mandrels

Please note, The Mandrels are not included with the caps, these are sold separately.

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Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 7mm Fine (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 7mm Medium (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 7mm Coarse (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 10mm Fine (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 10mm Medium (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 10mm Coarse (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 13mm Fine (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 13mm Medium (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 13mm Coarse (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 16mm Fine (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 16mm Medium (Pk10)
Abrasive Caps (Lukas) 16mm Coarse (Pk10)
Mandrel (Lukas) 7mm (Pk 1)
Mandrel (Lukas) 10mm (Pk 1)
Mandrel (Lukas) 13mm (Pk 1)
Mandrel (Lukas) 16mm (Pk 1)

£4.99 (inc vat)

(£4.99 ex vat)

New to the scene, Lukas-Podological Technology which has revolutionised the Abrasive Cap and Mandrel Industry. These products offer;

  • Quality precision, ensuring the cap is held securely in place during the treatment and is effortlessly removed for disposal.
  • Callus removal time is significantly reduced and gentler.
  • A Great non-stick surface, eradicating skin residues to the cap surface, reducing the tireless replacement of caps
  • Soft touch – The Abrasive caps need only the gentlest pressure, reducing stress to the skin and discomfort to patients.

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