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Twindicator Strips (50)

Twindicator Strips (50)

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These medical autoclave indicator strips help ensure efficient sterilisation of tools and implements by monitoring the sterilisation cycle time, steam and temperature. 

  • The unique Propper reactive indicator ink is printed as a line along the whole length of the strip. This provides multiple point monitoring, increasing the possibility of indentifying micro-environments where suitable sterilisation conditions may not have been achieved.
  • It is designed to monitor all critical parameters of steam sterilisation cycles at 250°F (121°C) and 273°F (134°C).

The indicator enables the therapist to mark out any trays, packs or pouches that have not been exposed to sufficient sterilisation conditions, ensuring a high standard of hygiene is always maintained. The colour change feature allows beauty therapists to visibly see when the steam has penetrated successfully to ensure sufficient sterilisation.

Pack of 50. 

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