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Sani-Cloth 70 Disinfectant Cloth (200)

Sani-Cloth 70 Disinfectant Cloth (200 pack)

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200 Pack

£6.95 (inc vat)

(£6.95 ex vat)

PDI 70% alcohol wipes are designed for use in hospitals, GP surgeries, nursing homes, infirmaries, and dental clinics to disinfect non-invasive medical devices and equipment. 

The 70% (v/v) Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) formulation gets to work quickly, killing harmful microorganisms in as little as 15 seconds, making these wipes perfect for busy places where staff need to be able to clean rapidly throughout the day.

These infection control disposables are the ideal medical equipment cleaning wipes for nurses who need to disinfect blood pressure monitors, thermometers, stethoscopes, and many other regularly used tools in between patient checkups. 

Effective against:

  • Bacteria
  • MRSA
  • E Coli
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • A diverse range of micro-organisms.

Features include: 

  • Brackets are available to fix canisters onto walls or vertical or horizontal poles to easy access when cleaning.
  • Contact time of as little as 15 seconds is required for complete disinfection (up to five minutes for some viruses).
  • Disposable wipes promote hygienic cleaning practices as reusable cloths are not used.
  • Ready-to-use wipes are pre-moistened and offer consistent, controlled coverage of surface areas.
  • Each wipe is composed of a pliable material that holds together and makes accessing crevices and corners easy.
  • Lint-free to ensure no fibres adhere to surfaces or equipment when used.
  • Tested to meet the highest safety and quality standards to be sold on the British market, CE marked.
  • The 70% alcohol disinfectant wipes are made with a smear-free formulation that leaves surfaces clean and does not result in product build-up.
  • The tub is designed to store the next available wipe with a deep well in the lid.
  • The lid is also designed to make threading and dispensing easy.
  • The Snap & Close lid function prevents wipes from drying out.
  • The PDI Sani wipes red top makes it easy to identify as part of the alcohol-based wipe range.

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