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Super Soft Flexible Nitrile Gloves (200)

£6.99 excluding VAT (200)

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£6.99 (inc vat)

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A NEW Nitrile examination glove with a super soft feel. In the past nitrile gloves have tended to be hard and inflexible, with poor sense of touch for the wearer. Nitrile Gloves are a major step closer to the tactile feel of latex.


  • Manufactured from: Specially formulated nitrile butadiene polymer
  • Latex free: reducing the risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions
  • Low in residual chemicals: To reduce the risk of contact dermatitis associated with these chemicals
  • Flexible material: For improved feel and fit reducing fatigue during extended wear
  • Strength: Offers better puncture, tear and abrasion resistance than natural rubber or vinyl
  • Powder free: Reduces the risk of dust contamination
  • Textured finish: For improved grip


  • Cool Blue

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